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A Simple LDS Wedding website

81% of the brides who have visited our site spent LESS than $10,000 on their wedding! 

(You can too - here's how:)

Budget:  How do I come up with a budget?

The $10,000 Budget

Here is a Budget I found online prepared by a popular wedding planner in Los Angeles (Liz Coopersmith )   

50% - Ceremony and Reception - $5000
Site Fee - $1200
Food - $3800
which breaks down to $38 per person, INCLUDING standard 9.75% tax and 20% service,$29.35 base without tax and service OR, if there is no site fee, only a charge per person for food, $38.50 per person.

$5,000 for everything else:
10% - Photography - $1000
10% - Attire - $1000
10% - Flowers - $1000
10% - Music - $1000
5% - Cake - $500 ($5.00 a slice)
5% - Invitations - $500

You can play with these figures all you want.  Decide what is most important to you and increase that category.  Just make sure you cut an equal amount somewhere else.

Do you need to cut that in half?  Okay. 

$5,000 Wedding Budget We suggest:

40% - Reception - $2,000 (includes cake and music)

15% - Flowers - $750

15% - Wedding attire - $750

10% - Photography - $500

5% - Stationery - $250

5% - Misc. - $250

Preparing your budget, together with your fiancé, will be good practice for learning how to compromise - and marriage is all about compromise. 

For everything else you want to know about planning your budget click HERE