We found a new website for you to find your bridesmaid dresses.
check out shabbyapple.com

 $130  in 12 colors

(from $66 and up - you'll love this site!)

I found this blog with this great post about planning a cheap and chic
wedding. I love how she had her dress made by a woman in CHINA!
GREAT idea to get a designer dress on a dime.


(Here is the dress she had made:)


Yes, you can even put the groomsmen in PINK!
If you rent the tuxedos at Men's Wearhouse, you
can get about any color vest and tie.  Check it out

How about Bow Ties?  We like the idea:

What to do with the dresses after the wedding?

Most bridesmaids never wear their 
dress again.  The dress gets
in the back of the closet and stays
there for years.  Why
not donate it
to someone who would love to have
it?  There
are organizations that
collect bridesmaid’s dresses to give
young women who can’t afford
a dress. 

Please go to
their site for info
regarding what, when, and how to

For Chicago area, go to glassslipperproject.org 

National go to  fairygodmothersinc.com

Buy a "pre owned" dress and SAVE $$$

If you already have a dress in mind, check this site and see if they happen to have it. Or, do an advanced search and put "modest" in your search and see what turns up.  If you don't BUY your dress from this site, you could SELL your dress later (unless you'd rather save it and lend it to a friend).

Flower Girl Dresses

Bridal salons dresses can be quite expensive. Try thinking outside the box. We did a search for "


Even if you are not planning a temple wedding, members of the church are often expected to select a modest gown, one that could be worn with temple garments.  That leaves out strapless, halter, spaghetti strap-in other words, pretty much every wedding dress that isn't manufactured by an LDS company.

Even when a bridal store tells you they can convert a dress for you, they don't have the experience that stores that specialize in LDS gowns have and you will likely be disappointed with the results.  Ask to see a sketch or better yet, a photo of what the dress will look like.


We thought this was a lovely way to make a dress more modest. A version of this could be used for the bride or the bridesmaids.  (Note: the bodice of the first dress is too low -  there should be no cleveage showing).  Here  is another option for covering up a strapless gown (the "cleavage" would be covered by the strapless gown - and of course you would use white lace and satin cummerbund:


I love when bride's think outside the box when choosing their bridesmaid dresses. 
The dresses above have a very current look.  Below are samples of retro, a black and white
theme, an "everybody choose your own" (in a particular palette),  and vintage


These pretty pastel dresses were all found in thrift shops!  (The netting cap sleeves don't quite

fit the LDS standard, but they had the right idea. You would have to use a non-transparent

fabric and you'd have spectacular bridesmaid dresses.





Let's see some ideas for the men...