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Good question.  If a bride has limited resources, why should she even consider hiring  a professional?  
We went right to the source on this one and asked the professionals. 
Here is a consensus of what they had to say:
	"Just as you may hire an accountant to do your taxes, hiring a wedding planner is acquiring someone 
	with the knowledge, expertise, and resources a bride needs to plan the big day.  Even though a wedding 
                planner charges a fee, they are often saving the bride money with their knowledge and resources, as well 
                as saving the bride time and the stress of doing it herself.  A bride could hire a consultant to get her started
	in the right directions and get the best vendors at the best prices.  Or she may hire a consultant for the 
	wedding day to oversee things.  Wedding planners often have a free consultation to see how she can help 
	the bride and what kind of budget they are working with - then she will help the bride to work within that
	budget.  Often times brides don't really know how to create a wedding budget or the real cost on wedding 
	items.  This leads to overspending, and in the end, the bride may end up spending more than if she had
	hired a wedding consultant."
p.s.  Throwing all the work off on your friends and relatives keeps them from being able to enjoy the 
day themselves.  This is your big day.  You want it to be perfect. But you also want to enjoy it without all the stress.
There are three ways to go:
1.  Have the wedding planner do ALL of it - including vendor research and bookings. 
2.  You select all the vendors, make the bookings and then have the wedding planner do all the follow ups.
3.  Just hire the wedding planner for the actual day of the event.  (this is a LOT of work for you and you will
probably end up spending more than you needed to.  But, you and your family will be able to enjoy the day 
without worrying about all the details. Just be sure to have ALL the details worked out ahead of time so the
planner has all the information she needs to do her job).
How to get a professional wedding coordinator –FREE!
Almost all specialized wedding reception centers offer this service free to brides.  Many hotels also offer 
a free wedding coordinator.  Be sure to ask.

Wedding coordinators   Following are consultants we have worked with and can wholly recommend:                                                                                     

Heather Balliet

Carlsbad, CA


Christie McCoy

CLM Weddings
Las Vegas, NV

(702) 982-2129



Mary Noble

Classic Weddings

San Diego, CA





Audrey Riqueros

Counting Freckles

Located in Utah Valley