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Ways to reduce stress
The closer you get to the big day, the more stress you feel. 
Have I forgotten anything?  Will everything go as I planned? 
You are excited, nervous, and totally stressed out.  Sometimes 
we feel stressed because we have gotten so caught up in the 
details that we have lost sight of the eternal perspective.  
Here are some tips to help calm you down:
1.      Pray for peace, guidance, and confirmation. 
      Nothing brings more peace than the knowledge
      that you are marrying the right person in the 
      right place.
2.      Read your scriptures- not only will you feel 
      more spiritually prepared to enter the  temple, 
      but you will allow the Spirit to enter your life 
      with all of His attendant peace and inspiration.
3.      Read a book about the temple to regain your 
      focus on what this day is supposed to be about, 
      i.e. the eternal covenants you will be making with 
      God and your spouse. The Holy Temple, by Boyd 
      K. Packer, and/or House of Glory:
   Finding Personal Meaning in the Temple 
      by S. Michael Wilcox would be a great places to 
4.      Eliminate some of the details and keep focused on 
      the big picture (ultimately, this day isn’t about the 
      chocolate covered almonds, but about the temple 
      covenants you will be making!)  Don’t sweat the 
      small stuff.
5.      Keep your expectations in check.  You don’t need to 
      have the biggest and best wedding reception anyone’s 
      ever been to. Again, keep the focus on what’s really 
6.      Re-evaluate your planning schedule.  You don’t have 
      to do everything yourself. Delegate.  Once you have 
      turned something over to someone else to handle, let 
      them do it.  Don’t feel like you have to constantly be 
      looking over their shoulder.
7.      Expect things to go wrong… and get over it!  Things 
      will not be perfect regardless of how much time and 
      planning you put into it. Accept that you cannot control 
      everything and that the mishaps will add humorous 
      memories you can recall on future anniversaries. 
8.      Keep a journal of your engagement and write your 
      feelings in it every day.  Be sure to include a list of 
      all the reasons why he is the one for you.  What are 
      those special qualities he has that make you love him 
      and want to be with him forever.  (Not only is it very 
      cathartic to write down your feelings, it will also be 
      very useful in the future when you are fighting, to 
      remind you why you married him)
9.     Day dream about what it will be like married to your 
10.  Call your sweetie and tell him you love him and can’t 
     wait to be his wife.
11.  Go for a brisk walk or exercise for at least 20 minutes.
12.  Get a professional manicure and/or pedicure – or do it 
13.  Take a bubble bath.  Roll a towel up and lay it behind 
      your head, lay your head back and just relax.
14.  Wash your hair.
15.  Lay down on the floor or on your bed and shut your 
      eyes.  Picture in your mind a large blackboard and picture 
      writing on it all the things you have to do.  Now picture 
      yourself erasing it until the blackboard is clean.  Focus 
      on the clean blackboard for a minute or two.  Now picture 
      the face of your loved one smiling at you.  Smile back. That 
      should relax you.   
Remember: your engagement should be a happy time!  Don’t let the wedding planning 
preoccupy you so much that it keeps you from enjoying the process… and your fiancée.