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Themes for your Reception

The theme will set the tone for the wedding and will influence your choice of wedding gown, flowers, invitations, food, everything - so choose your theme carefully.  A wedding doesn't need a kitschy theme like a "luau" although such a theme can still be elegant, fun, and showcase your personality or heritage.

Themes can be anything that captures the mood or atmosphere you are tying to create.  When choosing your theme, it helps to consider the type of bride you are:  classic and traditional, clean and minimalist, trend-setting and modern, natural and organic, romantic and princess-esque?

Here are some to think about:

Romantic:   Decorate with tons of candles (be sure you check with the venue to see if candles are allowed), flowers,  lace, etc.  Purchase yards and yards of tulle and hang it it doorways, as backdrops for photos, etc. Soft lighting, twinkle white Christmas lights.  Use colors like white, pinks, lavenders, pastels, or Red and Black.

Earthy: If you are an outdoorsy couple, green leaves come cheap, yet are totally chic when used correctly (and an easy way to avoid towering floral costs). Green and white is a very crisp and cool summery combination.  Naturally, green also works with any color palette found in nature. Pumpkins and gourds can add a great kick of color and contribute to that natural earthy vibe.  Find a great outdoor venue:  Parks, mountain recreation areas, barns, beaches, or a backyard.  Depending on the venue, you can choose to decorate with the appropriate plants, vegetables, fruits or other organic materials.  Consider options such as pine cones, bay leaves, wheat, botanicals, herbs, artichokes, apples, lemons, limes, oranges, and candles (if permitted).

Note:  This is the perfect theme for the new trend in "green" weddings.

Playful:  If you are the fun or adventurous type, there are a variety of possible themes. Your reception might be retro, whimsical, a luau, a carnival, a dance party, etc. You could have your reception in a place that reflects your personality and interests like the beach, a theme park, the zoo, a dinosaur museum, a sports arena, a park...use your imagination. Caution:  Be aware that you run the risk of having your guests wander off to enjoy the venue, leaving your party short on guests. '

Temple focused theme:  Naturally we're biased toward this theme.  We like the idea of carrying the temple theme throughout your wedding day, including your reception.  If your parents (and or grandparents, siblings, or extended family members) were married in the temple, have their photos prominently displayed (on the guest book table or cake table).  You could have a temple cake topper and you could have framed photos of temples from around the world as part of your table centerpieces - maybe even including some interesting facts about each temple.  Put a single flower (a rose, a white calla lily, stargazer lily, or other flower) in a bud vase and scatter some clear marble- like stones around them.  You could also add a tent card with a quote about the importance of temples.  People would enjoy walking around the room looking for their favorite temple (maybe where they served their mission, or where they were married).

Special interest or hobby:  Amy special interest or hobby can be celebrated in a unique and meaningful way.  For example, if you are an avid scrapbooker, you can run traces of that hobby throughout the reception details.  Leave a Polaroid camera at the front and make your guests book a scrapbook.  Have each group or couple take a picture as they arrive to glue onto the page with their signatures, quotes, and well wishes.  you can even leave stickers or other embellishments for them to decorate their page (or you can opt to do that yourself once you get the final product after the night is over). Die cut images to use a "confetti" to decorate a table, use a variety of framed photos to highlight the bride and groom at various stages of their life.

Music lovers:  Name each table after a favorite band or singer. Download a picture of their album covr, print it on photo paper and frame it as a table centerpiece.  Base the table decor on each particular singer.

Musicians:  Are you in the school band?  Enlist the string section to play at your wedding.  Write a song to sing to your future spouse, have your "guestbook" be a guitar or a drum.  Xerox music sheets and frame as centerpieces or other decorating.

Artist: Place large sheets of construction paper around the cultural hall or other venue and paint the backdrop you want for your reception.  Perhaps leave a wall blank where guests can add their own drawings to the backdrop.

Writer: Have a literary themed wedding like: "Bride and Prejudice" or "For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll,"  "Lord of the rings," or base the reception decor on a favorite childhood book like "Alice in Wonderland," "Treasure Island," or "A Secret Garden."  Have a different book on every table (search antique stores for old colorful copies of books).  You could even have each table all themed out with that book, i.e., the Alice in Wonderland table could be set up like a tea party or with antique clocks, the Treasure Island table could have a treasure chest with gold coins.  Caution:  This particular theme will require LOTS of time and effort that you may wish you hadn't taken on at this particular time of your life.

Film buffs, Theatre buffs, Travel buffs,  Returned missionaries who want to have their reception reflect the culture they served - take note. You can carry out your theme similar to the "writer" but the word of caution goes for you too.

 Carnival?  Why not?  Go to this website to see how cute it can be: