Here are our best tips to save money on your reception:

  1. Invite Fewer People
    Catering expenses are per person. Invitation costs are per person. So many of the expenses in a wedding are per person, so logically it makes sense that to save money you need fewer people. Unfortunately, it's difficult to cut your invitation list.


  1. Keep the Food Simple                                                             Have a cake and punch reception instead of offering a whole dinner.   (If you have your reception in the afternoon, instead of evening,  no one is expecting dinner.)


  1. Skip the Wedding Planner
    If money is no option, hire a wedding planner. For most folks, doing it yourself is the more economical, and harder, option. Wedding planners aren't all bad though, they have a network of folks they are familiar with and can potentially negotiate discounts in your favor. However, most people I've talked to who have used one say that you hire one to save you time and headache, not money. Instead, get a wedding planning book and follow the checklists they provide.


  1. Invitations
    Go to a crafts store for some fancier paper, glue, and print your invitations. If you don't have a good printer, consider getting the cards printed on colored card stock and assembling something nice on your own. Finally, turn your RSVP cards into RSVP postcards, rather than cards inside envelopes, and you can save a few cents on return postage.


  1. Go Easy on the Dress                                                    There are lots of ways to save money on your wedding gown.  Fabric choice can do it. Recycling another bride’s gown, take advantage of sales, or if you’re looking for simplicity, order a bridesmaid’s dress in white. 


  1. Sheet Cake
    Instead of getting a huge ornately decorated wedding cake that's large enough to feed everyone, consider getting a smaller decorated cake and several flat sheet cakes. After the cake is cut, no one will know (or care) if it started its life as a sheet cake or the actual decorated wedding cake. (Cheaper because a sheet cake is easier to make and transport.


  1. Amateur Photographers/Videographers
    This particular tip is risky but you can save a lot of money if you happen to have someone in the family who knows what they are doing.


  1. Buy Bridal Bargains Book
    Bridal Bargains by Denise Fields. You'll find a wealth of cost cutting ideas that will rival any resource you'll find anywhere. They recently released an 8th edition so it's very current on the trends and very comprehensive.